Looking for a space to shoot a video or a photo?

Well wait no more because JRC Spaces has the right resources you need to do what you want! We are a platform that connects space owners with Renters in search for spaces. We have a centralised database system that our Renters can find on, through our official website or our social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

How to rent a Space from us:
1) View a space you are interested on this page or at this link:
2) Put in an inquiry via the guest booking system or through your verified account. 3) We will check with Space owners about the availability of the studio and all you have to do is to make payment upon confirmation of availability.
4) Payment is made directly to J Rental Centre via bank transfer or credit card and an invoice will be sent to you to confirm your booking of the Space!

TAI SENG (Studio Closed):

Located just 3-4minutes away from the MRT, our very own JRC Space will be available to let your imagination go wild and try all sorts of studio shenanigans from portrait, family, product, high-speed action and who-knows-what!


Backdrop: 9ft automated backdrop, choice of 2 colours from White, Grey, Black, Light Yellow, Yellow, Red, Blue, Dark Blue, Green & Cream,

Optional: Blue/Brown Cloth Backdrop ($10)

2x Godox 400W Strobe w/50x70cm softbox
1x Godox 600W Strobe w/80cm Octabox
1x Jinbei EF-200 LED Light
1x Jinbei EF-150 LED Light
1x Manfrotto Tripod
3x C-Stands
2x Sand bags
1x Product Shooting Table


Standing Mirror
Water Dispenser
Toilets nearby
Mini Sofa
1x Ladder
10x Chairs

P.S. Co-work with us, drop us a msg/email to find out more, we have empty desks for rent and you get to use the studio as well!

Weekday rates: $25/hr* ($35/hr from 8pm-7am)
Weekend rates: $35/hr ($45/hr from 8pm-7am)

*APRIL Promotion: Students get first hour free with any gear hires


5DII- $10
5DIII- $12
5DSR- $15
5DIV- $20Nikon
D7100- $10
D750- $12
D810- $15Cloth Backdrop
Blue/Brown Muslin/Green- $5
Irix 11mm/15mm (Canon Mount)- $10/8
Canon 2470L I/II- $5/10
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II- $10
Canon 35mm f/1.4L- $8
Canon 50mm f/1.2L- $8
Canon 100mm f/2.8 MACRO – $5
Canon 135mm f/2L- $5
Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 G- $10
Nikon 16-35mm f/4 VR- $8
Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 G- $8
Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II- $10
Nikon 85mm f/1.8 G- $5
Kinoflo 4’4bank- $8/15 for 2-set
Kinoflo Divalite 200- $5
Kinoflo 2’4bank- $8
Litepanels Sola6 LED Fresnel- $10
Litepanels Caliber 150W LED Set- $12
YN1200 LED Light Set- $8
Video Support
Hollywood Microdolly- $10
Kessler Cineslider w/Fluidhead- $12
DJI Ronin M- $10
Zhiyun Crane II- $10
Zhiyun Crane Plus/V2- $8
Zhiyun Smooth Q- $3



Large natural light studio with strobes and a variety of backdrops!



4x Elinchrom 500W Strobe lights
2x Elinchrom 250W Strobe lights
1x 120cm Octabox
2x Rectangular softbox

1x Rectangular softbox with grid
2x Standard reflector
1x Beauty Dish

Suitable for
– Photography
– Castings and Auditions
– Classes / Workshops / Seminars
– Meetings

$30/hour on Weekday
$40/hour on Weekends
(Minimum 2 hours booking)


Comfortable 1000sq ft Studio for Professional Photoshoots


5 x Jinbei SMART 400 W/S Monobloc
1x TR-A8 16-Channel Wireless Radio Trigger TRS-V 2.4GHz 16 Channel Radio Trigger
1 x Jinbei EF-150 LED Continuous Light
1 x Jinbei QZ-1000 (Tungsten) Continuous Light
Light Shaping Tools Standard Reflector
Honeycomb Grid (10, 15, 30, 45) 3 x 60×90 Medium Softbox
22 x 92cm Medium Strip Box (with grid) Jinbei K-120 Octagon Umbrella Softbox 33” Umbrella (White Translucent)
64” Parabolic Umbrella (White Translucent) 3 x Snoots
Jinbei 110cm 5-in-1 Reflector Board Starison Micro Ring Softbox (for flash unit)

Lighting/Camera Support
2 x Jinbei M-1 Rotatable Light Stand 7 x Light Stands
1 x C Stand
1 x Reflector Holder
2 x Sandbags
Sirui R-2004 with Manfrotto Ballhead Tripod Beike QZSD-555 Tripod+Monopod Background

Backdrop options:
White Wall
Black, White, Green, Mocha, Pink (9 ft Seamless Roll)
Dark Brown Textured Museo Cloth
Grey Cloth


– Fully air conditioned
– Clothes Steamer
– Coffee Tables
– Couches
– Fridge
– Microwave Oven
– Recline-able Cushion seats
– Industrial Fans and Wifi Access.

Weekdays: $25/hour
Weekends: $35/hour
After-hours (11pm-7am): $40/hour

(Minimum 2 hours booking)


The Studio area is 5 meters wide and 5 meters deep. For usage of long focal length, the photographer is able to stand at a distance of 9 meters from the subject.

RDP 3-2.jpg

2x Visico VC-LR 500W
4x Visico VC-LR 300W
Note: Lights can be mounted on an overhead rail system* or used on light stands.

1x Redwing 120cm x 90cm Softbox
1x Redwing 80cm x 60cm Softbox
4x Standard Reflectors
2x Barn Doors with Grid Set
1x Snoot with grid
2x Coloured Gel sets (Red / Blue / Yellow)
1x Spot Focus Attachment with 3 Coloured Gels & 3 Gobos
3x Radio Triggers
6x Sync cords
1x Wind Machine

Seamless Paper Background in 10 colours: Arctic White, Cherry (Red), Crimson (Dark Red), Chestnut (Brown), Carnation, Champange, Royal Purple, Chromagreen, Storm Grey, Ultra Black & Matte Vinyl Background in White

*These lights are capable of remote controlled operation, and power levels and other settings can be adjusted wirelessly by a handheld remote, without requiring the user to adjust settings on the lights.

– Full toilet/shower facilities (hot water available)
– Light refreshments available
– Large variety of food and beverages available from eateries just 1 minute from the studio
– Internet connection available (WEP key will be provided upon request)

Weekdays: $25/hour
Weekends: $35/hour
After-hours (11pm-7am): $40/hour

(Minimum 2 hours booking)


A 400 square feet (5m x 7m) dedicated shooting space with a range of professional grade lighting equipment.


3x Jinbei Strobe 600W
3x Jinbei Strobe 400W
2x Jinbei continuous LED 200W (Suitable for video!)
1x Octa softbox (120cm)
1x Rectangular softbox (80x120cm)
2x Rectangular softbox (60x90cm)
2x Strip softbox with grid (40x180cm)
2x Standard reflector (55° φ20cm*14cm)
1x Beauty Disc (120° *70cm*25cm) with grid
1x Snoot with grid
2x Background Reflector

Studio comes with motorised background system and multiple background colours. There is also a still life table (1m x 2m) and strong industrial fan available should you require it.

h2 hall.jpg


– Clothing Rack
– Fully air-conditioned
– Makeup station
– Changing area
– Garment rack / Steamer
– Resting area with sofa
– Pantry equipped with refrigerator
– Private toilet
– Free Internet Wifi
– Free electrical supply for personal use
– Free drink (plain water)
– Free studio assistant

$32/hr – Weekdays
$38/hr – Weekends & Peak hours
$40/hr – After hours (11pm-7am)


Just a stones throw away from Tai Seng MRT Exit B, this location offers many props, as well as useful services such as gown rental and hair and make up. This studio also offers a lot of natural light as it is very big and spacious, and great for wedding shoots.

taiseng 4 1


-Einstein 640ws
-A8 photo 600b/800b
-Menik 1.2m octabox x2
-20cm x 1m softbox
-1.8m parabolic umbrella w/diffusion
-8x backdrop white, yellow, grey, black, pink, Red, walnut, sky blue
-Baby backdrop x5: night sky, day sky, wood, grass, lights
-Oval reflector (80cm x 120cm)
-80cm beauty dish
-110cm 5 in 1 circular reflector
-5 Pcs textured backdrop

taiseng 4 4


-Attached toilet
-Royal red chair
-High stool

Monday-Friday (10am-5pm)- $35/hour
All other times- $45/hour

LAVENDER (Studio Closed):

Located next to the new Bendemeer MRT Station (not operational), 10 minute walk from Lavender MRT. This studio features a infinity cyclorama wall and standard 9ft backdrop with a large variety of lights suitable for most photo/video needs.


3 x 300W Mircopro strobe
2 x 500W Profoto strobe
1 x 250w Profoto strobe
1x 150cm Umbrella White bouce
2 x 40X140 GRID SOFT BOX
2x Umbrella (Shoot through & white bounce)
1 x Profoto Softlight “Beauty Dish” Reflector (20.5″) (White & Silver)
1 x Profoto Honeycomb
1 x Profoto Snoot
Profoto Wireless radio triggers (Compatible with most Nikon and Canon)
Wireless radio triggers (Compatible with most Nikon, Canon and Sony)
Black, white and Green Paper backdrop
5 in 1 Reflector
1 x Profoto Matthew stand (150cm Umbrella)
6 x Heavy duty light stand
3 x Heavy duty C stand
Scrim (1.2m by 2.3m) with various covers – black, white, silver, gold & translucent (Not available)
Black, white and Green Paper backdrop
Muslin Backdrop
Still Life table


Dressing room & Make up room
Sound System

$60/hour Cyclorama
$30/hour Backdrop
(Minimum 2 hr booking)


Modern space for family, couple and newborn shoots! Also suitable for commercial work.

WhatsApp Image 2016-12-06 at 15.10.11.jpeg


WhatsApp Image 2016-12-06 at 15.10.12.jpeg

-Fully Air Conditioned
-Pool Table
-Free Wifi



From Tampines MRT station:

Take Bus 15, 21, 168
3 stops later alight at Tampines Ave 1, Safra Tampines.


TAISENG 5 (Studio Closed)

Located at Ubi 1, this basic studio features the bare essentials for those looking to do a simple shoot on white/black/green backdrops.


Equipment list:
– White, Black, Green Paper Backdrop Rolls (9ft)
– Manda 200w LED Light (Bowens mount, no modifiers)
– Aputure Tri8 LED Light x2

– $20/hour (Weekdays, 9am-6pm)
– $25/hour (Weekends, 9am-6pm, Weekdays 6pm-11pm)

Bukit Batok

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-10 at 18.21.52The layout and design is cozy and comfortable with wood vinyl floorings, aircon, balcony and private bathroom. Professional Photographer can offer free guidance if he is around, so students please dont worry if this is the first time you are shooting in a studio 🙂

Backdrops: Paper white, Paper Black, Pattern Grey Muslin Cloth, Pattern Black Muslin Cloth, Green screen cloth

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-10 at 18.21.53 (1)


– Private bathroom for changing
– Space for makeup
– Various wooden stools
-Private balcony access for chilling and suitable for smoker
– Free bottled water

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-10 at 18.21.53

If you need a DSLR and lens, below are the special rental rates for use during the duration of the shoot:

– Canon 6D Full frame Camera $20
– Canon 24-105mm F$ lens $10
– Canon 50mm F1.2L $18
– Canon 135mm F2L $18
– Canon 70-200mm F4L $18

Option 1: Studio with equipment                                                                                                      – -$30/hour

Equipment list:                                                                                                                                        -Includes lighting equipment:
4x 500watts strobe (Beauty Dish, Snoot, Large and strip soft boxes, umbrella)

                                                                                                                                    -Includes 2x 50watts LED softbox continuous lighting for video shoot purposes

Option 2: Studio with equipment + Fashion shoot accessories                                                  -$40/hour

Equipment list:                                                                                                                                        -Includes lighting equipment:
4x 500watts strobe (Beauty Dish, Snoot, Large and strip soft boxes, umbrella)

                                                                                                                                    -Includes 2x 50watts LED softbox continuous lighting for video shoot purposes                    -Additional photoshoot tools:
Industrial Fan (For blowing model’s hair) 
Color gels (Red, Blue, Green)

SIMS AVE (Sound Studio)

Located between Aljunied and Paya Lebar MRT, record good voiceovers/music with professional engineers on site!
Studio 1: Sound Proof recording room and comfortable recording studio installed with REAPER and Adobe Audition system.
Studio 2: For 3-4 piece bands, singing, VO/foley recording. Comes with Protools software in recording studio.
Studio 1 with engineer – SGD 120
Studio 1 recording room only – SGD 60 (no engineer)
Studio 2 with engineer – SGD 100
Studio 2 without engineer – SGD 85
Studio 2 recording room only – SGD 50
Minimum 2 hours booking.

AYER RAJAH (Meeting/Training Rooms)


1-Section (Holds about 10 with 4 large rectangular tables or 20 seated without tables)

Combined hall (1+1 Section with partition removed: Holds about 30-40 pax for training/events)

TAISENG (Classrooms)

Training Room 1 (Up to 20 pax)
Training Room 2
Seminar Room (Up to 80 pax)

Training Room 1
9am – 12.30pm   SGD 100(weekdays)  SGD 120(weekends)
9am – 5.30pm     SGD 200(weekdays)  SGD 240(weekends)
2pm – 5.30pm     SGD 100(weekdays)  SGD 120(weekends)
7pm – 10pm         SGD 120(weekdays)  SGD 120(weekends)


Training Room 2

9am – 12.30pm    SGD 120(weekdays)  SGD 150(weekends)
9am – 5.30pm      SGD 240(weekdays)  SGD 300(weekends)
2pm – 5.30pm      SGD 120(weekdays)  SGD 150(weekends)
7pm – 10pm          SGD 150(weekdays)  SGD 150(weekends)


Seminar Room
9am – 12.30pm    SGD 250(weekdays)  SGD 300(weekends)
9am – 5.30pm      SGD 500(weekdays)  SGD 600(weekends)
2pm – 5.30pm      SGD 250(weekdays)  SGD 300(weekends)
7pm – 10pm          SGD 300(weekdays)  SGD 300(weekends)


– Laptop upon request (Installed with Microsoft Powerpoint)
– High quality projector, 3000 lumens
– Glass whiteboard
– Whiteboard markers

– Air conditioned, well-lit environment
– Tables and chairs
– Ample power points
– Wireless internet access
– Hot and cold water dispenser
– Access to internal restrooms
– Printer & stationery (subject to additional charges)