Looking to hire crew/freelancers for your production? Our gear owners are glad to be a part of various projects from corporate, short films, music videos, events and post production.

Some of the listings #CREW on JRC.SG:


Do note that the rates on the ‘gear’ page are all ranges (found in the description or on the map). Each shoot varies in complexity and crew charges will be slightly different depending on the experience of each individual.

Make bookings for crew just like equipments & studios. Click on the centre of the map, select the dates and confirm the inquiry, Email or WhatsApp 81680897 and we will be in touch!


  1. What if our shoot is only 5 hours, or over 8? Do include that in the remarks section of the check out or your correspondence with us and we will provide you a quote for your needs.
  2. What if I would like JRC to produce a video/conduct a photoshoot from start to finish? Drop us an email at for production inquiries, we are up for it!
  3. Does the freelancer own gear? Most of the time, yes, but that would have to be booked separately. For things like gaffer tape, C47’s and clothes, you can be rest assured that the crew will bring them.
  4. Am I dealing with JRC or the freelancer? Just like with gears, JRC is just here to connect the two parties and establish some terms of the agreementĀ such as hours, rates and the scope of services, we will not be able to manage every hire and the production should be clear and specific in the briefing to ensure optimal results.
  5. What if I am a freelancer and want to join as a JRC partner? Email us at and we will be glad to talk!