Looking for a piece of outerwear to brave the cold when you’re overseas but can’t bear to spend the money because you’re only going to wear it once? Suit or Gown for a photoshoot?

Well wait no more because JRC Clothes has the right resources you need for you to make your money worth it and to fulfil your other needs! We are a platform that connects Clothes owners with Renters in search for suitable clothing for their different needs. We have a centralised database system that our Renters can find on, through our J Rental Centre Blog or using social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

How to rent Clothes from us:
1) View a piece of clothing you are interested in from this link:
2) Whatsapp 8168 0897 with the required information to make your booking!
– Date and Time required (to nearest hour)
– Name, Contact Info
3) We will check with Clothes owners about the availability of the clothing and all you have to do is to make payment upon confirmation of availability.
4) Payment is made directly to J Rental Centre via bank transfer or credit card and an invoice will be sent to you to confirm your booking of the Clothes!