J Rental Centre (JRC) is a collaborative rental service that aims to connect people and gear. We started a year ago with just three partners but have since grown to over fifty!

From the beginning, we saw that the conventional rental model of going to a huge store would work for production companies but may be less than ideal for smaller productions, especially students. JRC was pretty much started to solve these two problems: Under-utilised gear that freelancers own and Over-priced rentals that students and small productions pay.

By not having a physical store and hiring staff to serve customers everyday, we pass on the savings to our customers with prices about 30-40% less than prevailing market rates. At the same time, equipment owners are able to provide practical tips and useful advice to the renters because of their first hand experience using the gear.

To find out more about out partners, check out http://www.jrc.sg/about

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