Safest Rental Service

Yesterday, we posted the above graphic and made a circuit breaking announcement to over 100 of our owner partners.

This move to waive all our fees for these creatives in the media and events industry is something we have never done and frankly, goes against business sense. Like many companies, ours is struggling and facing declining platform usage as a result of events being postponed or cancelled and the 2 month circuit breaker that will be lifted in phases starting next Monday.

The logic behind this move was pretty simple, that is as we have accessed the severity of this unprecedented situation we are in, we find that this is a small gesture that can directly benefit our partners old and new. Our platform is nothing without these owner partners who utilise our service to connect renters to them in a safe and reliable manner.

The call to action is simple, that whether you’re considering the most convenient, the most affordable, the most safe or the most beneficial rental service to choose from, you’ll choose to use our platform. The fact that 100% of fees will be paid to the gear owners to help these struggling individuals is an additional reason that we ask for your support.

May these unprecedented challenging times lead to unprecedented support and generosity as well. Stay safe, and stay connected. We’re stronger apart for now, but stand together with everyone of our partners and customers!

Yours Sincerely,
Jeshua Soh

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