Covid-19? Try Live Streaming for FREE! (or pay as you wish)

Times are bad, events are being cancelled and the economy is grinding to a halt. The world health organisation’s (WHO) recent declaration that Covid-19 is now a global pandemic has sent shockwaves through the stock markets and prompted our government to introduce a new slate of measures targeted at reducing the sizes of events and even recommending social-distancing. We’ve been badly hit by a drastic reduction in bookings as a result of events that have been postponed and cancelled, but we feel obligated to do something to help out in this season.

As the title suggests, we’ve put together several packages for you to try out LIVE STREAMING FOR FREE (or pay as you wish). These packages (search for LIVESTREAM at and look for package (A, B, C and D) will be available starting today to freelancers, event organisers or social sellers. Simply write in to or reply to the inquiry email you’ve received with the following information and we will get back to you within 24 hours on whether your request is approved:

  1. Name/company
  2. Event or usage details
  3. Platform and estimated audience size
  4. Would you require a complementary consultation on setup/operation
  5. Would you need to hire crew or personnel to setup/deliver?
  6. Would you be able to credit for the equipment provided, pay as you wish, or both?

Have never live-streamed before? Fret not, it isn’t rocket science, and we’ll even include a 30 minute consultation on setup and operation for single camera setups (A/B/C/D packages), 60 minutes for 2-cameras and 90 minutes for 3-cameras, to get you off the ground. We are also able to hire freelancers to assist in setup/delivery and operation should you require (this won’t be complimentary though!) Some basic advise could be as follows:

  • Have strong, consistent internet connectivity (wired and dedicated is the best- ensure that it isn’t just strong during rehearsals when not many people is around, and public is not permitted on the network)
  • Don’t forget about audio, having a stream with no sound is limited in its usefulness. Platforms like Facebook and Youtube might also halt the stream should copywrited music be detected. Find a quiet environment, mic up and that note that some live streaming devices do not stream audio and you’d need a separate device to connect to your laptop/desktop.
  • Test and test and test! Especially for important events or things that cannot be repeated, it is always good to try out the streaming and presentation to be sure that things go as smoothly as possible during showtime.

If you’re already using your own setup and need an additional microphone, lighting or camera/switcher, we have 2 or 3 camera packages as well, and over 2000 ala carte items on the gear platform for you to scroll through. We’re happy to run through the basics with you and help you to get the message out there effectively through live streaming. Please note that all requests are based on availability and it will do everyone good to request as early as possible to increase the chances of securing the equipment that you need!

At JRC, our mission is to connect people, and this remains unchanged- connections can and ought to happen, if not in the physical sense of the word, at least as a community, emotionally or virtually. No virus ought to stop us from connecting and we hope that this initiative will be able to help the community try something new, or for those who are currently using phones or more basic setups, perhaps up your game and stand out from the crowd!

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