A Budget Friendly Guide to Buying Camera Equipment Online in Singapore

Being an aspiring photographer can be very expensive, especially in Singapore.

For someone like me who’s a full time university student, it can be difficult trying to save money and justify spending that much on a camera. For those new to photography, and even current enthusiasts, there often exist further doubt, uncertainty and a whole ton of buyer’s remorse when spending that much for photography equipment.

Fortunately, in Singapore, there exist a wide range of platforms where you could find cameras on a much more affordable budget i.e cheaper than retail. These are certain risks involved especially when buying expensive equipment online so do take note of the following:

  • Do some research beforehand on the model that you’re interested in and the various market rates
  • Check if the seller has a good reputation
  • If you’re buying it used, do ensure the product’s authenticity through receipts or verifiable serial numbers
  • Check with the seller on the status of the item i.e physical defects, major/minor etc
  • Do a live check of the product for any defects or discrepancies than what was advertised
  • Ask the seller if warranties are provided. Else, make sure that the seller is contactable either via the platform or mobile so you can consult him in the event of post-purchase problems

Here’s my own list of some of the online platforms I go to when I’m trying to source for photography equipment on my shoestring budget:


Locally recognizable and beloved as Singapore’s largest classifieds service, Carousell provides prospective buyers with a huge range of different options based off different budgets. You could just about find any new or used camera equipment such as DSLRs camera bodies, lenses, and other accessories from other users at way lower prices. In addition, having an app and a web-optimised site makes it even more convenient to shop whenever and wherever.

Carousell allows its users to sort prices and filter them according to your budget. Being able to chat directly with users on the platform and negotiate pricing is also serves to help you keep to your tight budget. You can also make use of the various filters there to enhance the accessibility, security and convenience of the transaction with the sellers.




As a part of Singapore’s largest online photography community, ClubSnap.com is one of Singapore largest forum with close to as many as 150,000 current members.

The classifieds section is always robust and updated with enthusiasts trying to sell their photography equipment. The classifieds section is also neatly categorized based on different brands and different types of photography equipment.

By having formal guidelines in place with regards to how sellers should advertise their items, this niche community can be at times, be more reliable when you’re looking for photography equipment.



Camera Price

Camera Price seems to be a relatively new entrant to the market as compared to Carousell and Clubsnap in Singapore. However, the intuitive map makes it extremely convenient if I ever wish to purchase from someone who lives within my vicinity. Most of their cameras listings seem descriptive and in-depth with specs, embedded sample photos and reviews. For buyers who are still considering between cameras or lenses, useful information such as those above could come in extremely handy.


These are the 3 main online platforms which I’ve used most frequently when shopping for photography retail on a budget. For someone doing photography as a hobby, these platforms have helped me saved a ton of money and I hope it’ll help you too! J

Alternatively, if you ever wish to try out a camera equipment before purchasing one, you can always consider the option of renting it first. Do visit us at  http://www.jrc.sg/ to rent camera equipment at really affordable prices and extremely convenient locations!


Written by Glen Ng

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