4 Tips From Judges and Winners of Point And Shoot Short Film Competition.

Point And Shoot the Short Film Competition is back again for its second year! This time on the 16-18 March.students would have to form teams of 1-5 participants and write, direct, shoot & edit a 3-minute film within just 55 hours!

Here are 5 tips from the judges and the winners of Point and Shoot 2017 to give you some ideas on how to shoot a short film under that much pressure.


Juan Foo (Jury, P&S 2017)

Match the quality of storytelling together with technology , it is the stories you tell with the technology that set you apart.

Those that stood out are those that could match the quality of storytelling and technology. The stories that you tell with the technology set you apart. In the bigger scheme it is about group effort. If you enjoy what you are doing, do more don’t stop making films.

Clement (Winner of P&S 2017)

Start by planning out the story and find the location first so that you can shoot your short film smoothly in under 55 Hours!

Check out his winning film Smoking Secrets at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQRDf6w7UrU

Eric Darmadi (Runner-up Prize Winner of P&S 2017)

Work together as a team and brainstorm together to come up with a collective idea.

Check out his film at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a88P6ZW3HRg

Juan Foo (Jury, P&S 2017)

If you enjoy what you are doing , do more don’t stop making films! It’s about the experience more than the awards.

Visit tinyurl.com/pointshoot2018 for more details and sign-ups. Spots are limited for Early Bird prices, so sign up now!

Some action from Point & Shoot 2017, check out what happened:

If you’ve rented from JRC before, here’s a special sign up link for you (first 10 sign ups qualify for an additional $5 discount on rentals for this competition and early bird rate of $40! https://goo.gl/forms/QZ6alLQWbxgFo9kY2



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